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Good news and bad news, your child is gifted

One day last year toward the end of MBA Son’s year in Kindergarten, he brought this home and said it was what he did during free draw time. Yeah. Feel free to double check but I am pretty sure they are all correct. He started reading at age 3 1/2. I could tell because he... Read more »

The best thing John Calipari did tonight wasn't winning against Notre Dame

Tonight we let MBA Son stay up way, way past his bedtime to watch the end of the enthralling Kentucky-Notre Dame Elite Eight game, in which Kentucky edged Notre Dame with two free throws in the final seconds of the game to win 68-66 to advance to the Final Four. Sure, so many of us... Read more »

An ode to Suze Orman on her series finale

MBA Dad and I are finance geeks so for the past decade we have spent countless Saturday nights watching Chicago’s own Suze Orman. Between moving, keeping up with MBA Son and MBA Toddler, managing two houses, and now, moving again, the business of life has taken over for the past several months so last Saturday... Read more »

Quelle surprise: the best advice I ever received came from 10th grade French class

As I dust off the list of potential job interview questions and answers, the best piece of advice I ever received came from an unlikely place: 10th grade French class. I had one barrier in the way before departing to Belgium the summer after sophomore year as a foreign exchange student: the French Regents exam.... Read more »

Gaining transferable job skills at the school Science Olympiad

Since staying at home I have volunteered for a variety of school events and the other night I served as a parent facilitator at MBA Son’s elementary school Science Olympiad. Specifically, I helped kindergartners and first graders conduct two science experiments:  one was comparing the interaction between food coloring drops and a cup of water,... Read more »

Sir Elton John, you are my hero

I have loved Sir Elton John’s music pretty much since I was born. This morning though, I found another reason to love him. In an Instagram post, he criticized comments made by designers Dolce and Gabbana in an Italian language interview for the magazine Panorama which blasted IVF and included, among other comments that, “I... Read more »

Siblings should not be required to complete first grade homework

Every night except Friday night, MBA Son who is a first grader, has homework. Sometimes it’s a math worksheet, other times it’s writing in addition to 20 minutes of reading. Lately, more writing has been coming home. Most of the time he can complete homework on his own with no help from me, and I... Read more »

He went to Jared and I said no

This post is part of “This Blogger Life”.  Each week ChicagoNow bloggers are challenged with a different topic. This week’s topic is “…and that’s the day my life changed.” Over 20 years ago, half a lifetime away, the end of my freshman year of college was fast approaching. There was one bright spot amid all... Read more »

Takeaways from taking the kids to the Elmhurst St. Patrick's Day Parade

This weekend we didn’t have to venture very far from home for cheap, old-fashioned family fun: the 19th annual Elmhurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I believe the last parade we went to was the annual balloon parade in our old town before MBA Toddler was born. Today’s parade was free and quite possibly even better,... Read more »

Sweet Briar College closing does not mean the end of women's colleges

On Tuesday, Sweet Briar College, a women’s college located near Lynchburg, VA, announced it was closing this summer after 114 years. Since then, there has been an online outpouring of sadness and outrage among students, parents, faculty, and alumnae. Why does MBA Mom care? Before MBA Mom had a MBA, I was BA Mom. I... Read more »