Susannah Collins and the Best of Sports Nutz

Susannah Collins and the Best of Sports Nutz
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Comcast Sports Net Chicago fired popular on air personality Susannah Collins late Thursday night shortly after a gaffe in which she said the Chicago Blackhawks have had “a tremendous amount of sex this season” on live television. She meant to say “success” instead of “sex.”

In his blog Chicago Sports Media Watch, ChicagoNow’s Paul M. Banks first reported  that the front office of the Chicago Blackhawks was likely behind the firing of Collins. He makes the compelling case that Collins departure was just the latest in a series of draconian media relations decisions offered up by the Chicago Blackhawks.

By Friday, the Chicago Tribune was in fact reporting that Blackhawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz had wrote a letter to the head of CSN-Chicago demanding Collins’ immediate removal from the broadcast. Wirtz is a co-owner of CSN Chicago along with fellow Chicago franchise owners Jerry Reinsdorf and Tom Ricketts.

According to sources within CSN while Susannah Collins wasn’t fired for her mistake alone, her gaffe brought to light a series of raunchy sports videos that Collins had produced between 2009 and 2010.

But the mistake put a spotlight on Collins, and that quickly refocused attention on a series of raunchy YouTube videos uploaded between 2009 and 2010. As co-host of Sports Nutz, Collins pushed the boundaries of sports journalism — and good taste — with sexually explicit reports and potentially offensive racial stereotypes.

Produced by Middlebrow Media, the 16-video series drifted more toward lowbrow humor, with Collins and her female co-host, Sam Raddock, delivering everything from rowdy man-on-the-street interviews to a dramatic reading of the sexual exploits of former NBA player Darryl Dawkins’ from his autobiography “Chocolate Thunder.”

While an awful lot has been said about the Sports Nutz videos, they actually remain relatively unknown. The most popular episode of the 16 installment series has just over 72,000 views. That said, they are pretty hilarious and definitely worth watching.

I’ve watched all 16 episodes and embedded the one’s I found most enjoyable. The joke of the situation is that Susannah Collins’ actual role within the series was that of the relative prude to co-host Sam Roddock’s more raunchy personality. This is especially present in the first half dozen episodes (which didn’t make the cut for this list). Both Collins and Raddock continued to improve as the series went on. Collins especially seems to come out of her shell more in the later episodes, many of which are featured below.

In general, I found Sports Nutz to be extremely funny, intelligent, and sexy. It is no wonder that Susannah Collins credits her Sports Nutz days with being the major launching point of her career in both an exclusive interview with Paul M. Banks last month and on her own personal bio page.

I didn’t see anything here that would justify giving her the axe, even when combined with her sex gaffe,  and find it pretty amazing that CSN would fire her after either looking past these videos to begin with or not doing enough to properly vet her before they brought her on. Its not like these Sports Nutz videos were a hard to find or anything…

Without further ado, here are my favorite episodes of Sports Nutz. Enjoy.

Sports Nutz 7: Summer Reading List

Sports Nutz 11: Love and Basketball

Sports Nutz 12: Bed Time Reading

Sports Nutz 13: Douchebag Nation

Sports Nutz 14: Fantasy Draft

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