The Most Annoying Commercial on Television: HP Office Jet Pro vs Toyota Prius

The Most Annoying Commercial on Television: HP Office Jet Pro vs Toyota Prius

For the last few weeks two of my favorite cable shows have been inundated by a couple of the worst, most annoying television commercials I have ever had the misfortune of hearing. Whether you’re watching CNBC’s Squawk Box in the morning or ESPN’s Monday Night Football at night there is simply no escape from the pure awfulness of the following new commercials. If you watch Squawk or MNF you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t watch those shows I’ve provided links to the latest subject of my scorn below so you can hop on the hater train with me.

HP Office Jet Pro “It Ain’t What You Do, Its The Way That You Do It”

Toyota Prius “Lets Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum… A Prius For Everyone!”

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Personally I think the HP commercial is worse. The song from the commercial (perhaps the worst thing ever to come out of the 1980s is called “T’ Aint What You Do” by The Fun Boy Three)  annoys me so much that for the last week and a half I have recently taken to muting the television every time it pops up on CNBC during the day (which believe me is every 4-6 commercials). That said my blood started boiling every time the Toyota commercial popped up during last night’s Monday Night Football game. I really don’t recall when I started hating the Prius commercial but I feel like before the HP ad really started getting under my skin I hardly even noticed it.

Please, if you work in the finance industry (or simply enjoy watching Squawk Box on CNBC in the morning) please join me in calling for CNBC to drop this abomination of an advertisement from the heavy rotation by tweeting at @CNBC & @SquawkCNBC and using the following hash tags #itaintwhatyoudo #itshowmuchyouplayit.

Which commercial do you find more annoying? Is there an even worse one out there? I’d love to hear your opinions. If you’ve got a worse video email me at and I’ll throw it up here on a later update.

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