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"What The Funk?" - My Attempt At Chicago House

We all are concerned about Donald Trump and his presidency. We all are concerned about Global Warming. What about being concerned about having fun, living life and putting down the keyboards for something that brings joy? For the past couple of weeks I have messing around with ACID Studio samples and making instrumentals that I... Read more »

This Video Makes Me Miss The 90s

Before I get lambasted for my choice, understand that at one point these guys were everywhere. I knew of their songs, played some of them to pass the time, but I wasn’t an out and out fan. This song however, from their first album, is one of the most powerful songs ever made. The lyrics... Read more »

To Joy Villa: Do Not Trust Trump Supporters

Dear Joy, Congratulations on your recent rise up the Internet music charts and for your ability to become “discovered” by an audience that ordinarily wouldn’t have listened to you. Trump voters, however, are a scary bunch of folks to gain as fans; the minute you turn on them or say something they don’t like, they... Read more »

An Open Letter To K. Michelle

Dear Kimberly Michelle Pate aka K Michelle, I usually don’t write open letters to anyone who I don’t know or who wouldn’t know me from a hole in the wall. I feel the need to however because I don’t understand how the music you put out always takes a backseat. You have a desire to... Read more »

Why is Nicki Minaj on American Idol?

I don’t watch American Idol. I didn’t care for it back in the days when I was in college and I still don’t care for it now as the producers try to entice a new audience with the induction of Nicki Minaj as a judge on their panel. For viewers who cringe at the supposedly... Read more »

Drake: Why Is He Considered A B**** in The Hip-Hop Community?

Drake: Why Is He Considered A B**** in The Hip-Hop Community?
Drake. A rapper on the Young Money label. Everytime I hear about this guy a few popular definitions seem to find their way out of the mouths of certain hip-hop consumers. The first of which is that people see him still as Jimmy “Wheelchair Jimmy” Brooks from Degrassi: The Next Generation. He hasn’t been on... Read more »

United Airlines: Stop Messing With David Choi's Luggage

Singer/Songerwriter David Choi is something of an interest to me musically. His songs have a funny melancholy to them that doesn’t feel completely annoying or overtly dramatic as someone of his caliber would often sound like. I mostly came into knowing about him through from the so-infectously-deep-pot-shot-at-pop-music known as “Dance To This Song”, which he... Read more »

Jennifer Hudson: J Records Is Screwing You Over

Alright Jen. This is album number two.  My review of your first album, which I did on Blogcritics, perhaps wasn’t fair. I do think you were trying to find your sound with the first time around. This new album however isn’t a question about what your style should be. My criticism of this album comes... Read more »

Attention Justin Bieber Fans: Sit Down And Shut Up!

Truthfully, I never watched the Grammy’s. Most of the people who win these kinds of awards can’t carry a tune never mind them actually trying alone a whole album. Having swiftly purchased on ITunes her most recently album (Chamber Music Society), I can see why she deserved the win. She plays instruments, she sings in... Read more »

To Columbia Records: What Are You Doing With Nikki Jean?

This is Nikki Jean. Singer. Songwriter. Cool ass video blogger. During Christmas 2008, after having just done a tour with Kanye West, Columbia Records signed her. If you have followed her on YouTube from the beginning, or came in somewhere in the middle like I did, you’ll know that for a long long time people... Read more »