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My Attempt At Re-Writing Steve Harvey's Memo

I should note that I don’t write letters much, nor do I have experience doing it on a corporate level. Given that Steve Harvey’s somewhat direct memo has caused all kinds of negative reaction, I figured I would take a shot at re-writing the memo and see how well it’s received.  Good morning everyone, As... Read more »

To Joy Villa: Do Not Trust Trump Supporters

Dear Joy, Congratulations on your recent rise up the Internet music charts and for your ability to become “discovered” by an audience that ordinarily wouldn’t have listened to you. Trump voters, however, are a scary bunch of folks to gain as fans; the minute you turn on them or say something they don’t like, they... Read more »

Mark Whalberg Knows Regular People, But Not Movies

Mark Whalberg Knows Regular People, But Not Movies
In this post-election haze with the election of pseudo-billionaire Donald Trump as our lord and savior of the United States, people who exist in the land of fiction (That’s Hollywood) have come out with varying opinions about Donald Trump. Mark Whalberg, who starred in the fourth entry of, and I quote, “the most iconic franchise... Read more »

An Open Letter To K. Michelle

Dear Kimberly Michelle Pate aka K Michelle, I usually don’t write open letters to anyone who I don’t know or who wouldn’t know me from a hole in the wall. I feel the need to however because I don’t understand how the music you put out always takes a backseat. You have a desire to... Read more »

Why Mitt Romney is scared of Sesame Street

People have the right to vote for whomever they wish to. Stacey Dash recently certainly exercised this American trait by declaring that she would vote for Mitt Romney on November 6 of this year. I would be fine with her decision if she could fathom the fact that the man she is voting for is... Read more »

A Bizarre, Yet Telling Michael Jackson Commerical

Michael Jackson was not only the king of pop, but he was also the master of marketing his own brand. Somewhere around 1992 just after releasing Dangerous, Michael Jackson shot yet another commercial. This commercial, which featured an older Michael Jackson meeting his younger self, was originally to sell Pepsi. This directors-cut like version of... Read more »