Short Stories From The Twilight Zone - The Spectre

Short Stories From The Twilight Zone - The Spectre
This is Rod Serling. I am not Rod Serling

For better or worse, this is my attempt at doing some Twilight Zone fan fiction. I am not Rod Serling, nor did I do this because I thought I could him. 

Short Stories From The Twilight Zone: The Spectre

By Matthew Milam

Mr. Ryan Johnston, Age 38, a call center support technician for a large financial institution has not been able to sleep for the past few days and has become one with the owls at night. Rather than hang from trees spouting inaudible animal noises, he simply stares from his 2nd story bedroom window at the foot of a tree. A light from the adjacent apartment shines down in front of the tree which shows a very dark manifestation. Mr. Ryan Johnston shows no fear staring at the figure from his window, but in just a moment his fear will be put to the test. A test only administered, from the Twilight Zone.

Ryan opens the window. “Come with me.” said the Spectre in a frail, dispassionate voice. Ryan shuts the door and turns off the lights to go back to sleep. After a few minutes, there’s a knock at the front door. Another few minutes pass and the knocks continue at the back door. Ryan opens the back door and walks out to the porch in front of the tree that sits in front of his 2nd floor bedroom window; there is no one there. “Hello!” said the frail voice again. In the blackness of the night, Ryan holds out a flashlight and sees the Spectre in front of him glowing in an almost static like fashion. “I have a gift for you. If you take it, it will give you eternal peace.” said the dry voice in a friendlier tone. “Got any sleeping pills?” said Ryan shaking internally and attempting to dose the situation with humor. “Take my hand.” said the dry voice in a more insistent tone. Ryan takes the Spectre’s hand.

The flashlight drops.

Mr. Ryan Johnston, Age 38. A call center technician struggling for a piece of mind has found it.  Mr. Ryan Johnston, former member of the human race who has now become a member, of the Twilight Zone.

I will post more of these on here as I found myself enjoying the exercise. This is my attempt at I get more into writing fictional stories. If you wish to comment on the story, you can send an email to or leave one on the blog. You can also visit my Twitter or my Facebook page to let me know what you think as well.


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  • These are very good examples of short stories, and they are very interesting despite their brevity. I also need to write my own short story essays for college and therefore I am looking for inspiration. I would like to learn to write well on my own one day)

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