My Attempt At Re-Writing Steve Harvey's Memo


I should note that I don’t write letters much, nor do I have experience doing it on a corporate level. Given that Steve Harvey’s somewhat direct memo has caused all kinds of negative reaction, I figured I would take a shot at re-writing the memo and see how well it’s received. 

Good morning everyone,

As we begin production on Season 5, there are some changes I’d like to implement. Often in previous years reaching out to me with questions and concerns at all times has not been an issue.

This open method however means that not every idea is heard and not every concern is addressed. Because of this, there is a person coming on-board who will act as my representative.  Jack Penance, who graduated from the University Of Chicago and was most recently part of United Entertainment group, will act as my liaison. Anything you have on your mind, Jack will address it with me.

The Steve Harvey Show will continue to be a great success going forward. I ask that you welcome Jack to the family and treat him as one of us like I have treated you. I believe his inclusion will make our show better than it has ever been.


Steve Harvey

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