To Joy Villa: Do Not Trust Trump Supporters


Dear Joy,

Congratulations on your recent rise up the Internet music charts and for your ability to become “discovered” by an audience that ordinarily wouldn’t have listened to you. Trump voters, however, are a scary bunch of folks to gain as fans; the minute you turn on them or say something they don’t like, they will tear you down. You don’t strike me as the type that would fear anyone. As someone who has seen what they can do, I will say this.

Do. Not. Trust. Them.

There’s nothing wrong with love, there’s nothing wrong with hope, there is something wrong with being naive. You must know in your heart of hearts that they not only have a limited view of the world, but of reality itself. You can shoot back by saying most “haters”, which you’d probably say I am, are. I am not a hater of anyone, there’s not enough time for that. I am however a realist; most Trump supporters are not.

Consider the fact that Donald Trump himself stated to Billy Bush that due to his own celebrity, he could literally grab women by the vagina and get away with it. One of the first things on your profile that should immediately make you question your support is that you are a feminist. Last I checked, a feminist wouldn’t exactly find those comments, the questionable lewd comments he made about his daughter or the fact he wants to shut down Planned Parenthood to be fitting for the role of a president.

I can see that doesn’t faze you since you recently admitted that after getting attention for the dress, you’d like to sing for Trump. Evidently you didn’t get the memo of what happened to Chrisette Michele when she said she’d perform for her Trump. Even Kanye West who admitted to meeting with Trump and even tweeted about it, turned around and later deleted those very tweets after he came out of crazy town and realized what he did.

Then again, considering Kanye got attention for doing this, this may be EXACTLY why you did this. Once again, and this I could be wrong in thinking this, but grabbing the attention of Trump supporters to push your own career is dangerous.

And once again I repeat: Do. Not. Trust. Them.


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  • fb_avatar

    So Trump's grab comments show the tendencies of the entire group on their views of women? Then how about we look at the folks on the other side? What do the words of NWA say about their followers view of women? "She was scared and it was showin, we all said F you bitch and kept goin!" I say it means little. The writer thinks it taints them all.

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