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Doctor Who: Why Can't The Next Actor To Play The Role Be Black?

Disney, J.J. Abrams and everyone connected to the making of the latest Star Wars took a chance in casting John Boyega as one of the leads. Science-fiction franchises like SW often send fans into an outrage when doing any sort of radical casting. To me, the world has changed so much (Barack Obama being the... Read more »

How To Say Goodbye To A Dream

How To Say Goodbye To A Dream Yesterday, I found myself staring for almost five minutes at a relationship status on Facebook. A woman, who I had interest in meeting and an alternate universe notion of making a special someone, declared that she was in a relationship. Who she is really isn’t as important anymore... Read more »

Batman Vs. Superman: The Superhero Film Nobody Really Needed

During the lunch breaks of some previous jobs I held, I would often come across a type of conversation that would aggravate people who already had a problem with nerd culture: the VS. trope. Within the confines of this trope is Batman and Superman: one is a god, the other is not. It’s great fan... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel, It's Time To Leave Chicago

Dear Rahm Emanuel, All through Chicago Media people are banging their keyboards hashing out their opinions (or reporting the opinions of others influential or not) about why you should step down as Mayor of Chicago. Some of the notions are more obvious: your handling of the Laquan McDonald incident with the Chicago Police and your... Read more »