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Insomniacs: How Do You Live On No Sleep?

The time is 1:31am. My insomnia is at work. I should be asleep. What am I doing? Listening to Counting Crows and writing. I have a full-time job that I have to start in the morning and I’m wondering if there is an end to this kind of life. I thought after years of working... Read more »

Marvel's Jessica Jones: A Spoiler-Free Review

If there’s anything that Marvel and DC have done for television, it has shown with both Supergirl and Jessica Jones that a series about a female superhero is not only possible, but necessary. Now that TV is willing to accept them, it’s a matter about how we write them. Given that both the former and... Read more »

I'm All Out Of Rage

They say that in order to fix the world, you need to fix yourself. I’m dealing with being in my mid-30s and overweight, I’m dealing with having the inability to get some sleep and I’m battling to find some kind of self-worth in a world that seems to ask people to find worth in other... Read more »