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Dear Nintendo: Embrace The Desktop And Mobile Gaming Markets To Sell Your Games

Dear Nintendo, As of recent you have been handling all the attention from the media suggesting you are making a move towards mobile gaming. Although you deny that this is the case, this is something you should seriously consider. I would even suggest that you also aggressively seek to make your games available for the... Read more »

I've Joined The Minecraft Brigade

So there’s this thing called Minecraft. I mostly know about it because YouTube’s Gaming category seems to have thousands of videos of being, drunk and sober, playing this pixelated create-your-own-world-adventure-whatever game. I’ve talked about it at work to some gaming heads and their general reaction seems to be that of “needs more killing”. There is... Read more »

A Smartphone Is Not Worth Your Life

Destiny Colon, 17, was shot yesterday morning as she traveled to Epic Academy where she is a senior. The reason? A man tried to take her smartphone from her. She refused. Now Destiny is lying in a hospital bed and fighting for her life. Nobody should have to question how one stays safe in this... Read more »