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The American: A Quiet, Yet Beautiful Thriller

The American, which was produced by it’s star George Clooney, is a film that arrives and leaves as a slice-of-life thriller. The music isn’t overpowering, there is no fast editing, and yet there is something that has been missing in filmmaking these days: good god-damn acting. It’s one of the best films he’s ever done,... Read more »

Love And Other Drugs: Good Performances, But What Did I Just Watch?

Redbox is a wonderful thing for those seeking the latest releases. It’s not so great when you are a film critic. Since most films these days don’t turn me on, I rarely rent anything. Anne Hathaway. Jake Gyllenhall. Story involving sex and Viagra. A Win. Or so I thought. The beginning, with that Spin Doctors... Read more »

Some Doctor Who Fans Need A Better Defense For Their Show

Ratings. Appreciation Indexes. The word “millions”. I strangely used one, or all three of these types of answers in a blog post on someone else’s site who got pissed off with all of the attention that last Harry Potter film received. That blog post however was about the money people put towards fantasy films, it... Read more »

Bringing Back The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

If you never have heard of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, you are about to right now. Adapted from the book series by Alexander McCall Smith, the stories revolve around the cheerful optimism of private detective Precious Ramotswe who solves a variety of cases that range from the tragic to the absurd. Helping her... Read more »

Why The BBC Should Cancel Doctor Who

(I have made two attempts to explain why this show should be put to rest. This will be my last attempt to do so.) Before I go on as to why I believe Doctor Who should be canceled, I should let it be known that I actually liked a few episodes of the new series.... Read more »

Doctor Who and The Importance Of Elizabeth Sladen

Actress Elizabeth Sladen, best known as Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith from 1973 to 1976, has died of cancer today. She was previously filming what would be the fifth series of her Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures when she had taken ill and filming had to be postponed. She lead an amazing... Read more »

Barney Miller: An Underrated Gem

Back when I actually cared to watch television, I always managed to skip Barney Miller. I never watched it during it’s original 1975-1982 run. Syndication re-run’s and DVD’s allow you to travel back in time without necessarily being connected to the time in which the film or television show aired. Having seen a dozen or... Read more »

Where Is The Bang In "The Big Bang Theory"?

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory is one of the more successful sitcoms in the network’s recent history. Watching the first few episodes of the first season, I’m not completely sold on why the show is so funny. If the center of the comedy lies in the fact that nerds as socially inept individuals, then it... Read more »

The CW/UPN Series Girlfriends Deserves Another Season (Or A Movie)

If you are fans of the UPN/CW series Girlfriends, then you’ll be happy to know that Stacy Mattocks has created a Facebook page for the series which will serve as a petition to bring the show back for another season (or another film). Apparently the cast of the show are all for having another go... Read more »