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Can This Woman Bring The Funny Back To BET's The Game?

I am not a fan of BET’s The Game. I wasn’t a fan of it when the show originally aired on The CW and still don’t see why the show was worth saving. That being said, I have paid a particular amount of attention to some of the negative feedback the show has been getting... Read more »

United Airlines: Stop Messing With David Choi's Luggage

Singer/Songerwriter David Choi is something of an interest to me musically. His songs have a funny melancholy to them that doesn’t feel completely annoying or overtly dramatic as someone of his caliber would often sound like. I mostly came into knowing about him through from the so-infectously-deep-pot-shot-at-pop-music known as “Dance To This Song”, which he... Read more »

Jennifer Hudson: J Records Is Screwing You Over

Alright Jen. This is album number two.  My review of your first album, which I did on Blogcritics, perhaps wasn’t fair. I do think you were trying to find your sound with the first time around. This new album however isn’t a question about what your style should be. My criticism of this album comes... Read more »

A Short Review Of The Switch

A neurotic (Jason Bateman) whose best friend (Jennifer Aniston) is trying to get pregnant via a sperm donation accidentally spills the selected suitor’s sperm at a party at her house. To make things right in the creepiest way possible, he puts his own sperm into the cup which Aniston will use to get pregnant. Seven... Read more »

Don't Want More Rebecca Black's? Promote Good Music!

This is Rebecca Black.  Thirteen years of age. Straight out of Anaheim Hills, California.  If “Friday”, the song that has become the latest unnecessary viral sensation on the Internet, had simply been ignored, pop culture critics would have nothing to say about it. Since everyone has apparently decided this was the most deplorable thing ever... Read more »

Why Do We Have To Save Celebrities?

My reaction to the Charlie Sheen media frenzy and the over-reporting of celebrity drama.