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N-Secure Isn't Sure What It Wants To Be

You hear the battle cry from the African-American community often enough.  “Go see black films so more black films can be made!”. Let’s try this in another context.  “If ugly guys get to go on dates with beautiful women, the ugly guys will get laid more!”.  If you are an attractive woman and can get... Read more »

Love Ranch: A Pseudo-Naughty Film That Falls Flat

It’s 6:14am in the morning. Turkey isn’t on my mind. Love Ranch is. Love Ranch, for those that don’t know, is a film about a married couple who run a whore house. Yes, it’s a rather inappropriate choice for such a family holiday as this. Something in me however told me to watch this film.... Read more »

Why Does Keyshia Cole Look Bored Lately?

After having a child and taking a small break from the music scene, Keyshia Cole will return with her fourth album, “Calling All Hearts”, on December 21th. The first video for the first single, “I Ain’t Thru” featuring rapper Nicki Minaj, features the twosome wearing a variety of different outfits, driving around and hitting the... Read more »

Not Gone

It’s a grind trying to mix a real life with the one I want as a writer. If there was time, and a willing ear to listen for hours on end, I could go on with all the reasons why this is difficult. I will spare you the details as it usually makes people ultimately... Read more »