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Let Chris Brown Live

It’s gotta be tough to be Chris Brown. You walk down the street, give an interview on TV or on the radio, talk with fans and have parties with all your celebrity friends.  You live the life of a famous person. In the aftermath of his rather chaotic relationship with Rihanna now, being in the... Read more »

A Bizarre, Yet Telling Michael Jackson Commerical

Michael Jackson was not only the king of pop, but he was also the master of marketing his own brand. Somewhere around 1992 just after releasing Dangerous, Michael Jackson shot yet another commercial. This commercial, which featured an older Michael Jackson meeting his younger self, was originally to sell Pepsi. This directors-cut like version of... Read more »

James Cameron Could Learn Alot From The Toy Story Franchise

I went to see Avatar at least three times during it’s early theatrical run. The spectacle of the Pandora planet, Zoe Saldana, and the general fun of it all drew me in. It’s been a few months since I watched Avatar in the theaters. You wanna know something strange? I haven’t the DVD and I... Read more »

Songs I Have On Repeat: Part II (6/20/10)

This is a list of songs that I currently, or previously, have had on repeat in my music collection. Some of thse choices are familar and common, while some are not. In any case, it’s a peek inside my rather twisted head of what I consider good music at the moment. Mr. Mister — 1985... Read more »

Songs I Have On Repeat

I know there’s thousands and thousands of lists that dictate what songs are the best of the best. How many of those great songs can be repeated over and over again? Very few I imagine. This is my list of songs that I have on repeat when I have them in my MP3 player.  ... Read more »

The Worst Songs Ever In My Own Opinion

Kyra Kyles, who has a blog on ChicagoNow connected to the Tribune company’s Redeye paper, decided to make a declaration about Montell Jordan’s 1995 party anthem “This Is How We Do It” on Twitter that the song is terrible and cornball. I disagreed and spelled out a number of songs that I personally think are... Read more »

Outside Chicago: Lisa Alexander Needs Your Help

I don’t have much commentary to provide on this particular situation. The way I see it however, if Glenn Beck can spew his usual hate and venom, Lisa Alexander should be able to share her story about her autistic son Reginald “Neli” Latson and the terrible situation he has been put in. If you want... Read more »

You Don't Have The Right To Remain Slient Unless You Say So?

A Supreme Court decision just came down yesterday that basically gives law enforcement the right to ream your soul even more. Basically, you need to speak up and say you wish to remain silent: From The Detroit Free Press: In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled that if a suspect has been read and understands... Read more »