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Soul Coughing And The Circle Of Life

Life repeats itself. This is of course one big resounding “duh!” to most people.  I often look at celebrities as having these fantastic, exciting lives that could have been ripped from the pages of a comic book. If i dig deeper, I can see they are just as human as anyone else. Unforunately, most people... Read more »

There's More To Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" Video Than You Think

Erykah Badu wanted to make a statement, several of them in fact, for her new “Window Seat” video. Alot of the attention, in some corners of musical criticism, is centered more towards her going nude at the end of the video. Amazingly the other factors that were completely ignored were that it was set in... Read more »

Another Godzilla Movie? Haven't We Done Enough Of Those?

I’m baffled. For real. Why are we doing another Godzilla film?  I could understand rebooting the Spider-Man franchise and I can go along with rebooting the Superman franchise. Rebooting the Godzilla franchise seems about as smart as making another Ghostbusters sequel. On the other hand Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures figures a new generation wants... Read more »

Kandi Burruss, Music Is Your Calling

I’m not gonna lie. I always found Kandi Burruss to be one of the sexiest underrated R&B singers around. She was the voice most distinctive in Xscape, the group that first brought her to the public eye back in the 1990’s.  As I found out later, she also had a talent for songwriting having made... Read more »

Beyonce's Video For "Videophone" Actually Makes Sex Boring!

As much as I don’t like the music Beyonce sings all that much, it’s not hard to see why men drool over her. The problem I have with the “Videophone” music video is that it’s just kinda there. She doesn’t dance any different and it just seems to in general desexualize Beyonce. I’m not a... Read more »

Where Is Tim Burton's Originality?

In the land of cinema, the remake and the adaptation are king now. Normally my mindset isn’t to think of Tim Burton as to be a big dealer in these properties. Since he is big into his own brand of filmmaking, which is usually dark, I find it rather bizarre that lately he’s taken on... Read more »

Ghostbusters 3 = Another Unwanted Sequel

I liked Ghostbusters. At least I liked the original film. To say that I want a sequel is about the same as wanting cancer. Sure, there’s some perverse excitement in me that is wondering what could come from a third Ghostbusters film. Then I think of Beverly Hills Cop III. The project has been mentioned... Read more »

Gabourey Sidibe Is Fine The Way She Is

Gabourey Sidibe grabbed attention from all over Hollywood for her lead role in Lee Daniel’s Precious. She was sure to win the Best Actress nomination at this year’s Oscar ceremony. Unfortunately, she didn’t win. She did win however a good bit of attention for apparently not looking like Halle Berry. Various commentors and media morons... Read more »

No Superhero Movie Will Ever Beat The Original Superman Film

The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight. I’m so sick of hearing how The Dark Knight is the best comic-book movie ever. I watched the same thing everyone else praised to death and didn’t see the hype. Heath Ledger was the only thing worth watching. Christian Bale, who is supposed to be going for a deeper,... Read more »

The Hurt Locker Is A Boring And Lifeless Film

Up until tonight, I had never seen *The Hurt Locker*. The Oscars just recently told it’s viewing audience that this was the picture that deserved the best picture award, as well as a slew of other awards. I’ve never cared that much for The Oscars, or who won a nomination all that much. I do... Read more »