Unique Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

This is going to surprise you but my husband does most of the cooking in our house. SHOCKING, I know!

Contrary to what my husband might say, I can cook. I just get super frustrated because I have to pre-plan everything and follow recipes to a “tee” as they say. I can’t veer off course and pass go to collect $200. And by the time it comes to actually making the recipe, I am so OVER IT.

But, I am good at appetizers and desserts.  I like to make the atypical appetizers though, not just your common cucumber sandwiches or chips & salsa. And the best part, my appetizers require less than 8 ingredients and they’re all gluten free. It’s like hitting the recipe jackpot!

If you’re looking for something new to bring to next week’s festivities, I highly recommend one or all of these unique recipes!

Here are my top 6 favorite, gluten-free appetizers for any holiday party. You can find the recipe link embedded into the post and picture for each specific appetizer.

1) Black Bean & Corn Salsa (aka. Cowboy Caviar)

Party goers love salsa, but you rarely see black bean salsa.

This particular recipe includes both lime (I’ve tried lemon too and it still tastes good) and balsamic vinegar. It’s so delicious!

Just grab a bag of tortilla chips from the store and you’re finished.

Black bean corn salsa

2) Caprese Dip

Most caprese recipes you will find include salads or complex bite size pieces.

This appetizer is so easy it includes just three ingredients: fresh mozzarella cheese, basil leaves and tomato. That’s it!

Serve it with gluten free crackers or parmesean chips. They taste so amazing together! I am just drooling at the thought…


3) “Skinny” Cheese Balls

Okay I will admit I have seen this recipe on the top 18 Pinterest fails, but every time I’ve made these balls of goodness they have turned out perfect.

My best advice, follow the recipe step by step and don’t overcook them. The original recipe calls for bread crumbs and you can easily substitute those for gluten free bread crumbs.

Serve the cheese balls with a little marinara sauce and ta-dah you have a fan favorite!

cheese balls

4) Chicken Salad & Apple Slices

This is my all-time favorite recipe. Who doesn’t love chicken salad? And even better on green apples!

I consider this recipe a year-round, all season appetizer.

All you need is a tried and true chicken salad recipe. I use this recipe and add a few of my favorite spices like garlic and a tad of black pepper. YUMMY!


5) Jalapeno Popper Dip

My husband loves jalapeno and he loves a good kick when it comes to his food. I have secretly always wanted to make true jalapeno poppers but every recipe I’ve come across is so time consuming.

When I found this gem, I immediately pinned it and made it for my next party.

Everyone absolutely loved it and it satisfied my husband’s jalapeno obsession.

You can easily control the spicy-ness based on the amount of jalapeno and the type you buy. Top the dip off some gluten free bread crumbs and you have another fan favorite!

Jalapeno popper

6) Taco Bites

Seriously is this not the best idea ever?

All you need to do is whip up some ground beef or turkey, season with your favorite taco spice and scoop into the “scooper” tortilla chips.

Put a little cheese on top and stick it in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes max.

Then top the taco bites with whatever your heart desires…tomatoes, sour cream, scallions, the list is endless!

It’s so easy and I have never seen anyone bring it to a party (except for me!)

Taco bites

As we start thinking about our shopping list for next week’s feast, let’s be unique this Thanksgiving season. Whip up a new dish and share some fun food memories with your loved ones. And most of all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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