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A Letter to the Moms of Newtown on Mother's Day

Your kids have not been forgotten.  I think about you and them most every day.  December 14 will always hold a new significance for me and so many others.  The day that changed your life forever, making it at times seem unrecognizable, no doubt, has in some small way touched me, too.  I am so... Read more »

Angels and Automatics: Lessons from Newtown

I haven’t stopped thinking about Newtown and all that was lost thirty-two days ago.  For a moment, America was shocked.  We shed collective tears for all those young lives lost.  We felt our vulnerability and it hurt.  It hurt like hell.  But like most metaphorical wounds, it healed, or has at least scabbed over.  We’ve... Read more »

Newtown, Old Story: Resources for Discussing School Violence

At 3:50 AM this morning I heard my son’s voice next to me, fresh from sleep, “I miss my sister.  I miss my sister.”  Mary Tyler Son is three.  He was just shy of ten months when his sister Donna died.  He has never before uttered these words, certainly not in the middle of the... Read more »