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The Sorority of Moms: Kappa Alpha Towla

I was not in a sorority in college.  Never missed it, either, as I was, how can I say this kindly?  Um, sheltered?  Uptight?  Yeah, uptight is probably more accurate.  I also had the self-confidence of a Judy Blume tween character with acne and a back brace for scoliosis.  Oh wait.  I didn’t have acne,... Read more »

Jack Layton is my new hero.

I had never heard of Jack Layton before this morning.  Turns out, he was kind of a big deal.  And certainly the real deal.  Jack Layton was a Canadian pol and leader of the Official Opposition and the New Democratic Party.  But this is not a civics lesson, folks.  This morning, after his death had... Read more »