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A Letter to the Moms of Newtown on Mother's Day

Your kids have not been forgotten.  I think about you and them most every day.  December 14 will always hold a new significance for me and so many others.  The day that changed your life forever, making it at times seem unrecognizable, no doubt, has in some small way touched me, too.  I am so... Read more »

Acorns in Cancerville

Yesterday marked six years since we moved to Cancerville, when our Donna was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain tumor, papillary meningioma. I write the name of the bastard because it is so neglected in the cancer world that there is no treatment for it.  I like to call it out by name. Yesterday... Read more »

Internet Hate: What You Don't Know Might Hurt Me

Yesterday, I called “Uncle.”  I was done.  Over.  Wounded.  A tearful, salty mess on Valentine’s Day, when I thought I was long past those days.  It wasn’t my husband or long lost secret crush that brought me to that place, but strangers.  Yep, freaking strangers on the Internet. I know, someone call the wahmbulance.  Mary... Read more »

Angels and Automatics: Lessons from Newtown

I haven’t stopped thinking about Newtown and all that was lost thirty-two days ago.  For a moment, America was shocked.  We shed collective tears for all those young lives lost.  We felt our vulnerability and it hurt.  It hurt like hell.  But like most metaphorical wounds, it healed, or has at least scabbed over.  We’ve... Read more »

Donna's Cancer Story: One Year Later

I feel a little bit like I am walking on air this September, weightless, unanchored. For the first time since 2006, I am neither living through nor writing about our time in Cancerville.  This year I am simply cutting and pasting.  Literally, cutting and pasting, moving the daily installments of Donna’s Cancer Story from this... Read more »

Yin, Meet Yang

Tomorrow marks my daughter’s 7th birthday.  I call it her would be/should be birthday.  People correct me, “No, it IS her birthday, it will always be her birthday.”  Factually, sure, yes, that is an accurate statement.  Donna’s date of birth will always be July 20.  Seven years ago right this instant, I was in the midst of... Read more »

Slogging Through the Sludge of Life

Saturday I did my annual planting.  We live in a condo with a postage stamp sized front yard and lots of hosta.  No fuss, no muss.  Hosta fulfills my housewife mantra:  minimum imput, maximum output.  Hosta shows that you care, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time caring, except it looks like... Read more »

Sr. Iphielya: Oy Vey, Christmas Can Be Difficult

Hello, there.  I’m just getting the hang of this email and, oh my, there is a lot to learn.  So many buttons! Well, it seems there are more than a few of you out there that could stand a little more empathy and understanding in your lives.  Sr. Iphielya is here and in the motherhouse,... Read more »

Truth or Dare? I pick truth.

I started blogging way back in March of 2007, three days after my dear daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, and have been at it ever since.  Writing became a lifeline for Mr. Mary Tyler Mom and I, an almost daily, or more often nightly, ritual that helped us make sense of the hell... Read more »

Communal Vacations: Not Just for Hippies Anymore.

So I got back from vacation this weekend with Mr. Mary Tyler Mom and Mary Tyler Son.  Oh yeah, and three other families who happen not to be related to one another.  Communal vacation, yo!  They’re not just for hippies anymore! Mr. Mary Tyler Mom is much more of an upstanding citizen than myself.  He actually... Read more »