Childhood Cancer Stories: The September Series

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Each day I will feature a different guest blogger who will generously share their personal experience with childhood cancer. Stories are always more potent than statistics. The hope is that by learning about children with cancer, readers will be more invested in turning their awareness into action.

Introduction: Childhood Cancer Stories: The September Series
Sept. 1: Levi’s Story: Finding the Kindness in Cancer
Sept. 2: Silas’ Story: Home in Heaven
Sept. 3: Max’s Story: A Celebration of Life
Sept. 4: Jared's Story: Of Coffee and Cancer
Sept. 5: Paige's Story: Where's the GOLD?
Sept. 6: Reese's Story: Cloudy With a Chance of Survival
Sept. 7: Tyler's Story: We Do, We Go, We See
Sept. 8: Nicholas' Story: Your Son Has Leukemia
Sept. 9: Sam B's Story: Befores and Afters
Sept. 10: Mia's Story: Small but Mighty
Sept. 11: Gabe's Story: Fact, Legend, and Lore
Sept. 12: Isabelle's Story: Wintering at Shands
Sept. 13: Cal's Story: Angel in the Outfield
Sept. 14: Owen's Story: Super Owen!
Sept. 15: Will's Story: In An Instant
Sept. 16: Donna's Story: A Grandmother's Loss, Generations of Love
Sept. 17: Aidan's Story: A juxtaposition
Sept. 18: Leah's Story: Bird by Bird
Sept. 19: Dr. Stew's Story: What Not to Ask Me At a Party
Sept. 20: Matthew's Story: The In-Between Place
Sept. 21: Hope's Story: What the Heck?
Sept. 22: Lilli's Story: Dum Spiro, Spero
Sept. 23: Abigail's Story: The Mommy Guilt-o-Meter
Sept. 24: Piper's Story: Bouncing and Walking
Sept. 25: Sam G's Story: Hi God, It's Me
Sept. 26: Sahara's Story: Hoops Dreams Cut Short
Sept. 27: Eli's Story: Untouchable