Category: TV Commentary

Netflix Saved Me in 2017

This year, it feels safe to say, has been a real humdinger.  I have taken to my bed and my Netflix on a fairly regular basis.  My husband can attest to that. Soft pants and quality entertainment FTW!  I am grateful the subscription service has come through for me, time and time again, and for so... Read more »

No Wonder I Am a Feminist

Being a 47 year old American woman means that I grew up watching Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter style.  That gal flew around in her invisible airplane and lassoed up all the bad guys and villains in her path.  She was a bicentennial bitch of the highest order, badass and gorgeous, resplendent in her red, white,... Read more »

In Defense of Caillou

Poor Caillou.  Seriously.  Poor little bald headed animated child.  People hate him the world over. Not dislike him, or feel mildly irritated by him, or, you know, turn the channel when he comes on the TV dislike him, but hate him, loathe him, and wish very, very bad things upon him.  Him being a fictional... Read more »

Two Gals Talk TV: Mad Men, an Introduction to our Obsession

I am in mourning.  Katy from I Got a Dumpster Family! is in mourning, too, which helps me feel less alone in my sadness.  Tonight is the very last episode, the series finale of Mad Men. No more Don or Betty or Joan or Roger or Peggy or Pete.  BAH.  I am not ready. One... Read more »