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Vatican v. Nuns: Sr. Iphielya Weighs In

Sr. Iphielya, the alter ego to my alter ego, is an occasional contributor to Mary Tyler Mom.  She is also the patron saint of empathy, hence, her name.  Sr. Iphielya is a little riled up with all this business about nuns in the news this week.   I’m a good nun.  Or at least I... Read more »

Sr. Iphielya: Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

The photo above, my dear Sr. Iphielya, is not an image I poached off the internet.  She is my aunt, Mary Cecile, or to me and my siblings, Sr. Michael.  Today, Sr. Iphielya is going to take a break, as Sr. Michael is the star of this particular show.  Humor me as I honor a... Read more »

Sr. Iphielya: Oy Vey, Christmas Can Be Difficult

Hello, there.  I’m just getting the hang of this email and, oh my, there is a lot to learn.  So many buttons! Well, it seems there are more than a few of you out there that could stand a little more empathy and understanding in your lives.  Sr. Iphielya is here and in the motherhouse,... Read more »

Sr. Iphielya: Patron Saint of Empathy

I love nuns.  Some of my best friends are nuns.  Well, okay, not really, but two of my aunts are nuns.  One of them is pictured here.  She lives at the “motherhouse” now, and as a mommy blogger, the idea of a motherhouse is something I can relate to. I think a lot about nuns, about... Read more »