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That Time My Daughter Was On Medicaid

Health care.  Unless you live in a cave without wifi, you’ve heard the familiar rumblings of our elected officials holding the fate of every American citizen in their hands while they decide what to do about it.  I have a lot of thoughts about how something that impacts so many could be determined by thirteen... Read more »

Have You Ever Met a Refugee?

This morning I had the opportunity to drive three little girls to their dance lessons.  They happened to be Syrian refugees who live in my neighborhood. Two of the girls are sisters and while we waited for the third girl to get to the car, they told me their stories, totally unsolicited, and with joy... Read more »

Cubs Star Anthony Rizzo Is Already a Champion to Chicago's Childhood Cancer Community

Cubs Star Anthony Rizzo Is Already a Champion to Chicago's Childhood Cancer Community
Tonight, the Chicago Cubs are on the cusp of history — game seven of the World Series.  The pressure could not be more intense, yet there is a joy in the air, a sense of hope, and happy anticipation for some of their most vulnerable fans living with childhood cancer. Ball player Anthony Rizzo is... Read more »

My Invisible Daughter

Can you see her?  She’s there.  Right there, always. My daughter died seven years ago, next month.  She was four.  The concept of time plays with me on all things related to her.  How is it possible that she has been gone so much longer than she was here?  How is it possible that I... Read more »

Taking September Off

For the past five years, I have dedicated my blog platform in the month of September to raise awareness and dollars for pediatric cancer research. I’ve done this by telling the story of my daughter’s cancer and inviting other families living with childhood cancer to do the same.  I have been honored to share ninety... Read more »

TOOT TOOT: That's Me Blowing My Own Horn!

This post is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly “blogapalooza” series, where our community manager provides a writing prompt to all bloggers with the only rule being it must be published within one hour.  This month’s prompt: “Write about a period in your life when you were at your best.” Dammit.  This is a tough thing to... Read more »

Thank You, HONY!

Brandon Stanton is a stranger to me, but should I ever be lucky enough to meet this man, I would have met an honest to goodness hero with a heart of gold.  Those are all ridiculous cliches of course, and yet, where Brandon is concerned, they are simply descriptors. He is the young man behind... Read more »

Some Thoughts About Clickbaiting

“Clickbaiting” is a verb, right?  This week, for the first time in the history of my blog, I used some hardcore clickbait for attention writing a post I titled, “Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Hate Kids with Cancer?”  For those of you who are in the dark, clickbait is defined as, “(on the Internet) content, especially... Read more »

Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Hate Kids with Cancer?

You may consider this blog post click bait, and, let me tell you, you wouldn’t be wrong.  I am desperate at this point, and not beyond employing a little click bait. Do I really think Mark Zuckerberg hates kids with cancer?  No, probably not.  I mean, he’d have to be some sort of a monster,... Read more »

DONNA DAY 2016: There Was a Time When Every Day Was Donna Day

There was a time in my life, not too long ago, actually, when every day was Donna Day.  Every day revolved around caring for our little girl with cancer.  If it weren’t medical procedures, clinic visits, or home health nursing visits, it was time spent showing Donna what a wonderful, beautiful place the world was.... Read more »