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What Happens When 3rd Graders Visit a Holocaust Museum

Yesterday I had the opportunity to chaperone my son and his 3rd grade classmates as they visited the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.  It was made clear to parents long before field trip day that the children would not spend time at any of the exhibits that focused on the atrocities of the Holocaust,... Read more »

Why I Took My Tween Son to See RBG (And You Should Take Yours)

Last night my nine year old son and I went to see RBG, the documentary about the life and career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Hot damn, was it fantastic — we both loved it.  As a mom, I loved looking over at my son during the film, his face lit by the screen in the... Read more »

My Life Is In Plastic Pieces

It comes with the territory, I know, and I can hear, as if on cue, parents of older children telling me, “You will miss it.  Blink, and your young boys will be grown men.”  Yes, yes, I get it, but right here, right now, in these days where my boys are young and untidy, it... Read more »

Don't Kid Yourself, Our Children Are Paying Attention to Current Political News

I talk and think about politics a lot.  Let me clarify that for you, when I say ‘a lot,’ I mean, a whole heaping boatful. Politics is my jam and it has been since I was a young girl.  I remember watching the television footage of Nixon’s resignation as a four year old.  I got... Read more »

Finding Everything I Need in My Sock Drawer: A Story About Seeing the Moments That Sustain Us

It happened this morning.  I was at the sink doing dishes, my older son was being too attentive to one screen or another and my younger son was whining at me, asking for help making puppets.  He wanted to make puppets.  Now.  He needed help, of course, but couldn’t he see me busy at the... Read more »

25 Things Moms (And Dads) Can Do To Combat Climate Change

Hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, sweltering temperatures, the polar vortex, melting ice sheets, hungry polar bears, dead coral, and on and on and on. Politicians can deny and ignore climate change, they can erase web sites and scientific data, they can discount the 97% of scientists who stand united that human activity is changing the climate... Read more »

These Graham Cracker Days: Thoughts on Motherhood

Costco sells big boxes of graham crackers that hold four regular sized boxes — the kind that you can pick up at your local market. These days, my family, well, my boys really, eat enough graham crackers to make a run to Costco for things like graham crackers in bulk both cost and time efficient.... Read more »

My Three Year Old Just Asked Me to Save the World

One moment you’re sitting with family eating macaroni and cheese and the next moment your three year old is looking up at you with his wide eyes asking, in all sincerity, for you to save the world.  Oh, oh, oh, if only I could.  “Save the world, Mama.  You have to save the world.” Yet... Read more »

Kids and Keys

Another milestone tackled by my eight year old just now.  For the first time ever (not for lack of trying), he opened the door to our home all by himself. WOOT!  He is very proud of himself.  I am proud of him, too. It might seem crazy, but I recognize each and every one of... Read more »

My Relationship to Motherhood

I told this story of my relationship to motherhood at last weekend’s Mother’s Day edition of Story Sessions at City Winery, Chicago.   You know those little girls who play with baby dolls and start prepping for motherhood from the time they are still in diapers themselves?  Yeah, that was not me.  At 34, married... Read more »