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2014 Oscar Fashion Commentary from a Middle Aged Mom

Naomi Watts rarely disappoints -- she is one of those stars that almost always get impeccable points for technical skill on the red carpet.  Rarely for artistry, as she rarely takes risks, but almost always for looking clean, modern, smart.  This Calvin Klein dress is no exception.  It's hard to see in this image, but the best piece is the geometric collar necklace.  Great strong cuts against the more delicate white beaded dress -- a nice complement.  The other thing she is missing is that gorgeous husband of hers, Liev Schreiber.  Yum.  Can never go wrong with a little Liev.
I’m back!  I had so much fun doing my middle aged mom commentary for the Golden Globes, I’m back for the Oscars, which is basically the Golden Globes for a select few 63 year old white men, something they like to call “The Academy.”  Pffft.  Even old white men like to see pretty ladies all... Read more »

Ten Things That Are Better with Children

So yesterday I wrote about ten things in life that are simply harder when children are part of the picture.  Things like airplanes, restaurants, public bathrooms.  You know the drill.  But that’s only part of the story, isn’t it?  Cause those of us with kiddos know that there are a lot of things kids make... Read more »

Ten Things That Are Worse with Children

I know this topic has been covered by every parenting blogger under the sun, no doubt, but I always love to add my two cents.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this since the babies in fine dining establishments fiasco has been all over social media this week. If you need a clue, the owner/chef... Read more »

2014 Golden Globe Fashion Commentary from a Middle Aged Mom

Okay, I love Jennifer Lawrence.  She is a national treasure.  Her haircut is perfection, her curves luscious, her whole being is simply refreshing.  But we need to talk about this dress.  Great from the waist up, but a fail from the waist down.  One of my Facebook pals said it best, "She looks like a snowman."  It's just not flattering, despite the styling being perfect.  I KNOW.  Stone me now.  Sorry, JLaw.  But I still love you.
So last night was one of the most anticipated nights in Hollywood.  Golden Globes night, baby — Oscars with alcohol.  Pfffft.  This middle aged mom was so busy with a newborn and executing my son’s fifth birthday party (rainbow themed, yo!) that I didn’t even realize it until I sat down at 8:15 and read about them... Read more »

WTF, OMFG, GTFO, and Other Mothering Mantras

Here within the Mary Tyler Family we place a lot of importance on knowing and understanding our feelings.  I attribute it to my training and experience as a clinical social worker.  It’s so important in today’s busy and modern families, amirite? But knowing your feelings can be a challenge these days, what with small children... Read more »

Oh No, He Didn't! Jon Stewart Talks Smack About Chicago

I love Jon Stewart, I do, I do, I do.  But making headlines today is the seven minute smack down he gave to Chicago last night on The Daily Show.  You can watch it here in its entirety. The back story is simple.  Chicago’s beloved SEARS Tower (and yes, some may call it the Willis... Read more »

The Second Kind of Help

This blog post is part of a ChicagoNow network wide “blogapalooza” wherin any ChicagoNow blogger writes about the same topic provided by our community managers.  Only catch is that we don’t get the topic until 9 p.m. and have to publish by 10 p.m.  It is ON, baby.  Today’s topic: Write about a time you... Read more »

Tips for the Newborn Photo Shoot, Or Poop Happens

I curse Anne Geddes.  I do.  You know who Anne Geddes is, right? WHAT?! Well, if you don’t know her name, you certainly know her work. Take a gander: A lot of folks love this stuff.  Me, not so much.  Hell, she’s sold 18 million books and 13 million calendars, so clearly, I must be... Read more »

Top 10 Worst Baby Names Ever

So you can’t scan the news these days without hearing about the court ordered name change of the baby named Messiah.  True story.  It just happened in Tennessee.  A couple could not agree on their new baby’s last name and opted to settle the matter in court.  Well, when the judge realized they had named... Read more »

Advice from Dads

Sarah's Dad
Today marks 80 years that my Dad has been on this here earth.  That is a good long time, especially considering I grew up hearing my Dad say, “Every day over 50 is gravy.”  This was a considered remark, as my Dad believed that by age 50, most folks had raised and educated their kids.... Read more »