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14 of America's Worst 25 Mass Shootings Have Happened Since I Became a Mother in 2005

You lose sight of these kind of things in the day-to-day, but this morning I opened up Google to research the worst mass shootings in America’s history.  You know, as one does on a Monday morning.  Two of them have happened in the past six weeks.  How’s that for sobering? I found this list that... Read more »

Late Night Comedians Get Serious About Gun Violence and Our Cowardly Congress

As America wound down after another day of trying to recover from the current worst mass shooting in modern American history (I see you, Wounded Knee), late night comedians and hosts had something to say about it.  Well, except Jimmy Fallon.  Pffft. The message was universal and clear — we need greater gun control laws... Read more »

Fireworks and Guns and Empathy in Chicago

My Facebook feed has been chock full these past few days with angry friends and family who live in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Are they angry about the 101 shootings that occurred in Chicago over the long 4th of July weekend?  Probably, but that’s not what they’re talking about on Facebook.  They are annoyed... Read more »

In Defense of the AR-15

One of these is not like the other.
Earlier this week America experienced its most lethal mass shooting in history.  Fifty people dead, including the shooter, fifty-three more injured. These mass shootings feel almost inevitable to me now, part of our culture. I feel myself numbing to them, this despite two acquaintances of acquaintances being among the victims in Orlando.  I am shamed... Read more »

Sandy Hook: Three Years Ago

Three years ago this afternoon I was driving with my then three year old in the back seat.  We were stuck in traffic coming home from Milwaukee.  My husband called me wondering if I had heard the news.  What news?, I asked.  I was grateful the boy was sleeping, as I listened to the reports... Read more »

That Time My High School Teacher Was Shot in Class

It’s been ten months since I have written about gun violence in America.  Nothing has changed. There are still shootings, still deaths, still indignation about freedom and rights, still dithering, cowardly politicians.  The numbers are staggering. STAGGERING, people.  265 mass shootings in 2015.  559 children under the age of eleven killed by guns in the... Read more »

A Tale of Two Chicagos

NOTE:  This blog post was honored with the Peter Lisagor Award for Best Individual Blog Post, Independent 2015 by the Chicago Headline Club and the Society of Professional Journalists.   One of my potent memories of childhood is packing into whatever used Cadillac my Dad was driving at the time for a weekend day trip,... Read more »

Read This Before You Tuck Your Children Into Bed Tonight

Two years ago tonight, twenty families in Newtown, Connecticut tucked their first graders into bed for the very last time.  These children got on their pajamas, some of them might have bathed, they brushed their teeth, complaining about it, I imagine.  Their moms and dads might have read them books and sung them songs.  And... Read more »

The NRA's Mom Problem

As a mom who has written about gun legislation and senseless gun violence for almost two years now, I’ve learned a few things about the Internet, human nature, American culture, gun advocates, the NRA, and myself.  I came to write about guns after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December... Read more »

Cupcakes and Guns

I am both honored and saddened to share this guest post today. The writer did not wish to be identified, to lessen any alarm for family and friends concerned over her safety.  This is Chicago, folks, in 2014.   By Anonymous The only crime scene I expect to see when I take my son to... Read more »