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Why I Took My Tween Son to See RBG (And You Should Take Yours)

Last night my nine year old son and I went to see RBG, the documentary about the life and career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Hot damn, was it fantastic — we both loved it.  As a mom, I loved looking over at my son during the film, his face lit by the screen in the... Read more »

Why I Took My Eight Year Old Son to See 'Hidden Figures'

He didn’t want to go.  He lobbied hard for a second viewing of Fantastic Beasts or Rogue One.  But, no, I was resolute, we would be seeing Hidden Figures.  Together.  Without complaint.  I can be a stern mom when I need to be.  In the end, as I had hoped for, he liked it quite... Read more »

Lego Movie Review: Fun for the Kids, Smart for the Parents

Everything is AWESOME!! I won some mom points this weekend and took Mary Tyler Son and our neighbor to the Lego Movie.  As other movie reviews suggested, it really was awesome.  The five and six year olds like it and so did all the moms and dads in the audience.  Best, was that I think... Read more »

Gravity: Movie Review for the Grieving Parent

Picture this:  The grandparents are in town, we’ve enjoyed lots of great family time and fall activities with our two boys, and it is suggested that Mary Tyler Dad and I take a few hours for ourselves and go on a date.  No need to twist our arms.  Based on buzz and glowing reviews, we... Read more »

Now You See Me: Movie Review for Families

Last weekend I went to see a movie.  It’s been a long time.  I went with a friend and we picked the movie based on time and pretty much nothing else. Seems that Sunday morning movies are full of a lot of empty seats.  It was perfect. We settled on Now You See Me, a... Read more »

Disney's Chimpanzees: Is it kid friendly?

Meet Oscar.  He is the toddler hero of Disneynature’s just released documentary, “Chimpanzees.”  It’s his eyes that got me — just look at them. Like my Mom, I’m a sucker for chimps. Completely on a whim, Mary Tyler Son and I went to go see it this afternoon. We had house guests this weekend, friends... Read more »