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Ode to Jimmy, My Mentor and Friend and Such a GD Mensch

The news is out at ChicagoNow, my blogging platform since the spring of 2011, that our beloved community manager, one Jimmy Greenfield (and honestly, what better name is there for a media guy?), is leaving after nine years.  For most of you, this means nothing.  For me and many other bloggers who call ChicagoNow home,... Read more »

A High School Teacher Remembers, Former Student Blushes

Today’s blog is a guest post from a favorite English teacher I had as a freshman in high school in the fall of 1983.  And, as a disclaimer, I had NO IDEA what she was going to write about. Sheesh!  Blushing over here. By Saralyn Richard One of the most gratifying rewards of being an... Read more »

Rose Goes Home

People die and that sucks, especially when those people are ones in your orbit that you loved, or liked, or cherished, or relied upon. Rose was Donna’s very first babysitter.  When baby Donna was thirteen weeks old, I got dressed all business like for the first time since her birth. I loaded her up in... Read more »

Hot Doug Before He Was Hot

For anyone living in or around Chicago and not under a rock, it’s hard to escape the fact that the most famous hot dog stand in America, Hot Doug’s, is closing today.  BOOM.  Just like that, Doug Sohn is walking away from a sure thing.  He is the Michael Jordan of purveyors of encased meat,... Read more »

Modern Day MS: A New Resource for the MS Community

I would be hard pressed to find another person more excited than myself to use a blog platform for a health awareness campaign.  Today, that person just might be my blogging friend, Beth, who writes at Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom. Beth is awesome.  A calm island in a sea of blogging chaos.... Read more »

Cool People I Know: State Representative Ron Sandack

This is the first in an occasional series I will run, profiling interesting folks I know doing interesting things in the world.  The common denominator between all of them is how much I admire and respect the many Good Things they do. Ron Sandack and I met way, way back in 1993.  Think Gin Blossoms... Read more »