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Holiday Cards as Emotional Landmines

Holiday cards seem pretty innocuous on the surface, right?  Christmas cheer, seasons’s greetings, Happy New Year and all that jazz.  There’s nothing too complicated about people you know, like, and possibly love wishing you the best during the holiday season.  Except sometimes, for some people, there is.  It can get very complicated. On Facebook over... Read more »

Downsizing Christmas

I make no bones about not being the most Christmasy of gals.  I like the holiday alright, but I can never escape the feeling of being oppressed by it.  It kind of sucks that I have, as long as I can remember, thought of it as something to get through, to endure.  The day itself... Read more »

Read This Before You Tuck Your Children Into Bed Tonight

Two years ago tonight, twenty families in Newtown, Connecticut tucked their first graders into bed for the very last time.  These children got on their pajamas, some of them might have bathed, they brushed their teeth, complaining about it, I imagine.  Their moms and dads might have read them books and sung them songs.  And... Read more »

Be Careful What You Wish For, Mom Edition

It was exactly a week ago — come to think of it, right about this time of day, too, late afternoon — when I thought to myself, “I’m tired.  I’m worn out. I want a break.  I deserve a break, dammit.”  And then I kept thinking.  I wished I had stopped thinking and left it... Read more »

Lost (Tooth) and Found (Joy)

It’s been a rough week around these parts.  Fevers, flu, general holiday malaise that takes up residence, like a familiar and demanding house guest. As karma for being the only member of the household who didn’t get their flu shot, I was bitten by the mother of all flus.  Forgive me, flu shot, for I... Read more »

Meeting Mary

Tonight, on the last night of this November month of gratitude, I think back to the start of the month when I got on a jet plane and flew off to a far away state to meet a friend.  A mere four weeks later, it kind of, sort of feels like eons ago.  Maybe because... Read more »

Rose Goes Home

People die and that sucks, especially when those people are ones in your orbit that you loved, or liked, or cherished, or relied upon. Rose was Donna’s very first babysitter.  When baby Donna was thirteen weeks old, I got dressed all business like for the first time since her birth. I loaded her up in... Read more »

Having a Bad Day? Get Otter Here!

This is otterly adorable.  photo credit: <a href="">RayMorris1</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Have you ever had one of those days where you’re frustrated, face obstacle after obstacle, life is just kind of, sort of getting you down?  No?  Well, bully for you!  Most of us, though, probably have those days more often than we would wish for.  They suck. You know what doesn’t suck?  Otters!  Otters are,... Read more »

Life Lessons from a Late Bloomer

Last week I got to thinking about late bloomers, of which I am one.  I threw out a question on my blog’s Facebook page (Why don’t you join me there?) about what benefits other late bloomers have found in their trajectory.  Kind of surprised that it took folks a few minutes to figure out what... Read more »

When Perfect Isn't Possible

This post is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly “Blogapalooza” challenge where bloggers are given a prompt at 9 PM and one hour to complete a post on the topic.  Tonight’s challenge was, “Write what your perfect day would be like, either in reality or fantasy.”   Well, the clock is telling me that it is already... Read more »