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Trading the Gin Bottle for a Baby Bottle

Did you ever have one of those mothering moments where you’re stopped cold in your tracks with the realization that, “Oh my God.  I am a mother.  His mother.  Her mother.  Their mother.  WOW.  I am a MOTHER.”  I don’t have them often, as I’ve been at this parenting thing since 2005, but every once... Read more »

A Seat at the Bar With Studs

When you grow up in Chicago, when your people are historians and class conscious labor historians at that, well, Studs Terkel is on your radar.  And I am all the richer for it.  My writing pal Andy asked me to blog about meeting a writer that inspires at a bar.  What might that look like?... Read more »

I Am a Mom

This is part of the ChicagoNow Blog-a-palooza challenge.  Once a month all bloggers are given a writing prompt at 9:00 PM and instructed to write our little hearts out until 10:00 PM when all involved post simultaneously. Here is today’s prompt: Write about something you learned or experienced since you woke up this morning. Dammit.... Read more »

Christmas Memories

Tick tock, tick tock, folks.  Christmas, that most stressful/joyful of holidays, is only a week away.  Hop to it, am I right? Not me. I get reflective this time of year.  Things are winding down, a new year is about to begin, another year is ending.  I miss the people I love who have died.... Read more »

Newtown: Speaking Up About Gun Violence

A year ago tomorrow I was driving home from a lunch with two old friends in Milwaukee.  Mary Tyler Son was giggling in the back seat and I called my husband to let him know when we would be back in Chicago.  He was audibly distraught and asked if I had heard the news about... Read more »

Feeding Jacob

This is a guest post by Carolyn at Fumbling Toward Naptime.  I hope you enjoy her writing as much as I do! By Carolyn Rabin My son, Jacob, can eat me under the table.   Okay, maybe I’m not a huge eater.  But I’m not that picky either.  And the child is only four years... Read more »

WTF, OMFG, GTFO, and Other Mothering Mantras

Here within the Mary Tyler Family we place a lot of importance on knowing and understanding our feelings.  I attribute it to my training and experience as a clinical social worker.  It’s so important in today’s busy and modern families, amirite? But knowing your feelings can be a challenge these days, what with small children... Read more »

The Santa Question: When Your Kid Stops Believing

Cue the carols and the jingle bells and the egg nog — all the folks are getting their Christmas on this time of year, including four year old Mary Tyler Son. Except, little logical thinker that he is, he’s been asking a lot of questions about Santa. Hard questions that lead me to believe he... Read more »

Hosting the Holidays

I have been lucky enough to spend the vast majority of my holidays with the very same group of family for all of my forty-four years.  For my entire childhood, my Mom hosted Christmas and my Aunt hosted Thanksgiving.  It was set in stone and, as far as I know, not really a discussion.  We... Read more »

JFK's Death Through the Eyes of an Irish Catholic Born After He Died

When President John F. Kennedy was killed, 50 years ago today, I was not even a glint in my parents’ eyes.  They were sleep deprived after having delivered their second child, my sister, just two weeks earlier.  I was still six years away.  So why on earth is this day so significant to me? I... Read more »