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Loving Chicago Is Complicated, But It's Home

As a white, middle class woman who lives on Chicago’s far north side, it’s easy for me to talk about loving Chicago.  It’s easy for me to feel defensive when I hear politicians and muckrackers and outsiders like Trump and Giuliani and FOX News anchors talk smack about my city.  It’s easy for me to... Read more »

Fireworks and Guns and Empathy in Chicago

My Facebook feed has been chock full these past few days with angry friends and family who live in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Are they angry about the 101 shootings that occurred in Chicago over the long 4th of July weekend?  Probably, but that’s not what they’re talking about on Facebook.  They are annoyed... Read more »

The Women's March: Stop Raining On My Parade

I count myself among millions of women (and men) who marched in protest last Saturday, the day after our 45th president was inaugurated.  What a fantastic, tremendous, momentous experience.  Chicago was enjoying an almost 60 degree day, with the bright sun both warming us and lightening the mood and spirits of us marchers. It seems... Read more »

Cubs Star Anthony Rizzo Is Already a Champion to Chicago's Childhood Cancer Community

Cubs Star Anthony Rizzo Is Already a Champion to Chicago's Childhood Cancer Community
Tonight, the Chicago Cubs are on the cusp of history — game seven of the World Series.  The pressure could not be more intense, yet there is a joy in the air, a sense of hope, and happy anticipation for some of their most vulnerable fans living with childhood cancer. Ball player Anthony Rizzo is... Read more »

Chicago's Dirty Laundry Played Out in Baseball: North v. South, Cubs v. Sox

In America, it is a story as old as dirt.  The North v. the South, the Union versus the Confederacy, abolitionists versus slave holders, industrialism versus agrarianism.  In Chicago, it’s the northside Cubs and the southside White Sox acting as totems of geographical allegiance. With the Chicago Cubs advancing to the World Series for the... Read more »

A Tale of Two Chicagos

NOTE:  This blog post was honored with the Peter Lisagor Award for Best Individual Blog Post, Independent 2015 by the Chicago Headline Club and the Society of Professional Journalists.   One of my potent memories of childhood is packing into whatever used Cadillac my Dad was driving at the time for a weekend day trip,... Read more »

My Lake Shore Drive

When you choose to live in the place where you grew up, history accrues. Kid history mixes with adult history and family history gets tossed in there, too.  Chicago is my home by birth and by choice and I don’t imagine ever leaving this place.  I am grateful for the immigrant grandparents that chose it... Read more »

Hot Doug Before He Was Hot

For anyone living in or around Chicago and not under a rock, it’s hard to escape the fact that the most famous hot dog stand in America, Hot Doug’s, is closing today.  BOOM.  Just like that, Doug Sohn is walking away from a sure thing.  He is the Michael Jordan of purveyors of encased meat,... Read more »

Closing Lake Shore Drive: When the Threat of Terrorism Is Close to Home

The reason terrorism works, and make no bones about it, it does work, is that it creates fear and chaos in day-to-day life.  Things that should be normal, routine, easy are majorly impacted by terrorism.  Subways in London, cafes in Israel, finish lines in Boston, office towers in New York City.  These are all places... Read more »

A Seat at the Bar With Studs

When you grow up in Chicago, when your people are historians and class conscious labor historians at that, well, Studs Terkel is on your radar.  And I am all the richer for it.  My writing pal Andy asked me to blog about meeting a writer that inspires at a bar.  What might that look like?... Read more »