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If You're Having a Miscarriage, Don't Expect Walgreen's Pharmacy to Help You

Last week I mentioned that I am angry all the time these days.  All.  The.  Time.  Today’s outrage comes after a casual perusal of the news.  I just learned that an Arizona woman, after being told by her physician that her body was in the midst of miscarrying her fetus, was given the option of... Read more »

There Is No Such Thing as "Accusers" Making "Allegations"

Enough with the quotation marks.  Since news dropped in the past couple of months about Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Al, Franken, John Conyers, and Roy Moore, not to mention the stories about our pussy-grabber-in-chief, I’ve seen way too many quotation marks on my social media feeds. The punctuation is used to... Read more »

Late Night Comedians Get Serious About Gun Violence and Our Cowardly Congress

As America wound down after another day of trying to recover from the current worst mass shooting in modern American history (I see you, Wounded Knee), late night comedians and hosts had something to say about it.  Well, except Jimmy Fallon.  Pffft. The message was universal and clear — we need greater gun control laws... Read more »

Las Vegas Shooting: "Mama, Don't Look At the News."

I awoke this morning to the sound of my husband’s key on the other side of our front door, locking it before making his way to the airport.  He is traveling to Las Vegas before the crack of dawn for a business trip.  My first thought was, “Oh, I missed him.  I didn’t even say... Read more »

Are We Great Yet? Raising Children In Donald Trump's America Is Getting Harder

I sat down at my computer this morning to write a post about littering.  True story.  And then I saw some words that Donald Trump littered on Twitter about a news anchor and her bleeding face lift and low IQ and how he kept her from attending a party at his Florida golf club and... Read more »

Turning Bystanders Into Upstanders: We Have Higher Expectations for School Children Than Our Senators

by*stand*er – a person present at an event or incident, but does not take part; onlooker, spectator, witness up*stand*er – an individual who sees wrong and acts; a person who takes a stand against an act of injustice or intolerance _______________________________________________________________ On Thursday, President Trump hosted a lunch with ten U.S. Senators, four Democrats and six... Read more »

Nevertheless, She Persisted: What George Lopez and Mitch McConnell Have In Common

Women have persisted since the beginning of time.  It is what we do.  It is what we have always done and it is what we will continue to do, despite whatever challenge may present itself. When I participated in the Women’s March last month and wrote about it, some of the feedback I got, from... Read more »

Election Eve Thoughts, And They Ain't Pretty

Pardon me while I exhale, slowly.  Tomorrow, I want to believe, our great national nightmare will be over.  Any hanging chads aside, within 36 hours of this post, America will have elected its new POTUS. I’m wrong, of course, and I know it, because regardless of what happens tomorrow, the hate genie has been released... Read more »

Grieving Parents and Politics: Exploitation all Around

American politics have hit a new low.  Relying on grieving parents who bare their hearts, their sorrows, their souls in front of cheering delegates swathed in red, white, and blue, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both guilty of exploiting the grief of parents of American heroes to raise their poll numbers.  As a... Read more »

Some Thoughts About Clickbaiting

“Clickbaiting” is a verb, right?  This week, for the first time in the history of my blog, I used some hardcore clickbait for attention writing a post I titled, “Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Hate Kids with Cancer?”  For those of you who are in the dark, clickbait is defined as, “(on the Internet) content, especially... Read more »