I work.  I mother.  I'm a working mother.  And on my best days, I believe I will make it after all.  Just like you. 

After a four year professional hiatus where I was caring and grieving for my beautiful daughter who died of an aggressive brain tumor, I came back into the professional fold last winter when I resumed part-time employment.  I used to be a clinical social worker, counseling others about their lives and problems.  Yeah, not so much anymore.  The last thing I want to do now is listen to other people talk about their problems.  Lordy, I've got too many of those myself, folks.  So instead, I use this here internet thingamabob to connect with other working parents - - it's fun and so much cheaper than therapy. 

So talk to Mary Tyler Mom.  It's cheaper than therapy for you, too.  You can reach me at marytylermom@gmail.com.