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The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Next week is Christmas.  As the mother of two youngsters, it is supposed to be a joyous, happy time of year.  More realistically, it is supposed to be merely a busy, stressed out time of year.  But, for me, I keep thinking about the last Christmas shared with my father. Cue the tears.   Technically speaking,... Read more »

Netflix Saved Me in 2017

This year, it feels safe to say, has been a real humdinger.  I have taken to my bed and my Netflix on a fairly regular basis.  My husband can attest to that. Soft pants and quality entertainment FTW!  I am grateful the subscription service has come through for me, time and time again, and for so... Read more »

Ode to Jimmy, My Mentor and Friend and Such a GD Mensch

The news is out at ChicagoNow, my blogging platform since the spring of 2011, that our beloved community manager, one Jimmy Greenfield (and honestly, what better name is there for a media guy?), is leaving after nine years.  For most of you, this means nothing.  For me and many other bloggers who call ChicagoNow home,... Read more »

Don't Kid Yourself, Our Children Are Paying Attention to Current Political News

I talk and think about politics a lot.  Let me clarify that for you, when I say ‘a lot,’ I mean, a whole heaping boatful. Politics is my jam and it has been since I was a young girl.  I remember watching the television footage of Nixon’s resignation as a four year old.  I got... Read more »

There Is No Such Thing as "Accusers" Making "Allegations"

Enough with the quotation marks.  Since news dropped in the past couple of months about Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Al, Franken, John Conyers, and Roy Moore, not to mention the stories about our pussy-grabber-in-chief, I’ve seen way too many quotation marks on my social media feeds. The punctuation is used to... Read more »