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How to Manage Political PTSD

I’ve heard time and again from angry conservative trolls on the Internet that they had to live for eight long years under the tyranny of an Obama reign, so, apparently, Trump is our karma for them not liking our nation’s first African American president.  Say what you will about Obama’s really, really not good education... Read more »

Do You Have Political PTSD?

Last week was bad.  Like really, really, colossally bad.  A humdinger, doozy of a week.  One day I stayed in my pajamas and had my nose glued to Internet news reports. Most nights I had trouble sleeping.  My tolerance for other people was limited, at best. It’s not healthy, which I can readily admit, but... Read more »

When Your Boss Comments On Your Hair and Makeup on National TV

I’m not a fan of this administration, which is news to no one who knows me or reads what I write.  That extends to the newly named White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Full disclosure, to me, she comes across as cold, mean, irritable, obtuse, and condescending, happily carrying the water for her boss.... Read more »

My Three Year Old Just Asked Me to Save the World

One moment you’re sitting with family eating macaroni and cheese and the next moment your three year old is looking up at you with his wide eyes asking, in all sincerity, for you to save the world.  Oh, oh, oh, if only I could.  “Save the world, Mama.  You have to save the world.” Yet... Read more »

Ten Years at Home

Milestones are an opportunity to reflect.  Ten years ago this month, my little family of three moved into our current home.  It was an impossible move that kind of, sort of made no sense at the time, but it was a move rooted in hope. In March 2007 we were casually looking at new digs.... Read more »

Fireworks and Guns and Empathy in Chicago

My Facebook feed has been chock full these past few days with angry friends and family who live in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Are they angry about the 101 shootings that occurred in Chicago over the long 4th of July weekend?  Probably, but that’s not what they’re talking about on Facebook.  They are annoyed... Read more »