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Memorial Day With Matter

Today is a day we set aside to honor and remember those who have died in service to this country of ours, our beautiful and deeply flawed America.  I don’t really think of myself as coming from a military family, but just a moment’s reflection proves me wrong.  My Dad served in the Army.  My... Read more »

Bullies Are Winning and Too Many Americans Are Cheering Them On

Last night, yet another bombshell news story was unfolding that typifies the chaos that is dangerously close to feeling normal in American politics.  The GOP candidate for the sole Congressional seat from the great (and gorgeous) state of Montana was charged with assault after physically attacking a reporter who was asking him a question. Greg... Read more »

My Relationship to Motherhood

I told this story of my relationship to motherhood at last weekend’s Mother’s Day edition of Story Sessions at City Winery, Chicago.   You know those little girls who play with baby dolls and start prepping for motherhood from the time they are still in diapers themselves?  Yeah, that was not me.  At 34, married... Read more »

How to Toilet Train Your Reluctant Three Year Old