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Reading this Stranger's Obituary Will Make Your Day

Janet Tuck was born in in Aurora, Illinois in December 1931.  She died two weeks ago, surrounded by family, in North Carolina.  I don’t know Janet or any of her family, but came across her obituary this morning while I was scrolling through Facebook.  A friend, also unknown to Janet or her family, had posted... Read more »

When the Potatoes Stay the Same: Lessons in Change

So much in life changes.  Some changes are welcome and good, but others just plain suck.  Some changes are life altering, while others serve as a momentary nuisance.  There was that time they stopped making my favorite chocolate scented shampoo (waaahhh), and then there was the time my first born was diagnosed with cancer. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes... Read more »

8 Life Lessons From My Son's Sensei That I Could Use Myself

I’ve been meaning to write about the benefits of my older boy taking karate lessons for a few months now.  It was going to be a sweet little post about how young kids benefit from the discipline that is encouraged at a dojo. As a mom in this era of “respectful parenting,” where empathy is... Read more »

The Poop That Got Away, A Children's Story

This morning, our youngest made a poop.  This is significant for reasons you do not want me to detail here.  Suffice it to say, POOP! The three of us — Mama, Daddy, and boy — were standing over the toilet as it was flushed.  “Bye bye, poop!,” I exclaimed, except, oops, that poop was going... Read more »

When the Acorns Find Me

The definition of skeptical is, “1) not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.  2) relating to the theory that certain knowledge is impossible.” Skeptical pretty much sums up how I feel about the idea of an afterlife.  But I can’t claim atheism, because just as I can’t say God exists, I can’t say He doesn’t... Read more »

New Mattress, New Sheets, New Life!

My husband and I have been sharing a bed for twenty years, give or take a month or two.  TWENTY YEARS, PEOPLE.  That’s a long time to do anything.  For all of those twenty years we have been sleeping on a futon pad on the futon platform left over from my husband’s freewheeling bachelor days.... Read more »