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Thank you, Garbage Man

I was driving to get my kiddo from school the other week and saw the garbage man pictured below, literally hanging out.  So many days later, and he is still in my thoughts. I trailed the truck for a mile or so, the man hanging on to the side of the truck, watching the Chicago... Read more »

Mary Tyler Moore, My Patron Saint of Hope

“You’re gonna make it after all.”   I am writing these words through tears, a full 24 hours (now almost 48, as the words did not coming easily) after hearing the news of Mary Tyler Moore’s death.  The death of an 80 year old should never surprise, but the death of this particular 80 year... Read more »

The Women's March: Stop Raining On My Parade

I count myself among millions of women (and men) who marched in protest last Saturday, the day after our 45th president was inaugurated.  What a fantastic, tremendous, momentous experience.  Chicago was enjoying an almost 60 degree day, with the bright sun both warming us and lightening the mood and spirits of us marchers. It seems... Read more »

Thanks, Obamas

I watched the very last press conference President Obama will ever hold this afternoon.  The final question was a personal one from a reporter who had been covering him since he was a State Senator from Illinois, some twenty years ago.  She asked how the outcome of the election had impacted the two first daughters, Malia and... Read more »

Twelve Quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. America Needs to Learn From Right Now

On this day that celebrates the great Martin Luther King, Jr., much can be learned from his words.  I encourage any seeing this post today to take a moment and reflect on these lessons and what meaning they have in America, 2017.

Why I Took My Eight Year Old Son to See 'Hidden Figures'

He didn’t want to go.  He lobbied hard for a second viewing of Fantastic Beasts or Rogue One.  But, no, I was resolute, we would be seeing Hidden Figures.  Together.  Without complaint.  I can be a stern mom when I need to be.  In the end, as I had hoped for, he liked it quite... Read more »

Bridges and Threads and Sundaes: Connecting Our Kids to Those Who Would Love Them, But Are Dead

My Mom died when I was pregnant with my first child, a daughter who was named for her.  Four years later my daughter died.  And five years after that my Dad died.  Three of the most important and loved people in the world to me will never be known by my two sons.  That just... Read more »