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Harambe's Death and Mom Shaming Unite the Internet!

It started with a zoo, a young boy, a gorilla, some untamed curiosity, and ended with a gun shot heard ’round the Internet.  Harambe, the 17 year old Silverback gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo was dead and the young boy who worked his way into his habitat was safe, but the story was not a... Read more »


When I was in college I took a literature course about African American women writers.  Zora Neale Hurston, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks — so many amazing writers.  One of the central themes of the class was something the professor called “motherlines.”  Her theory was that these writers used the lessons we... Read more »

15 Wedding Gifts Still In Use After 15 Years of Marriage

Utensil bins, including many of the utensils held within.  Full disclosure, we've pretty much cycled through to a second set of wood spoons and spatulas.  Fifteen years of cooking will do that.
So the husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage last week.  It was lovely, actually.  We spent a weekend in the small town where we got married, showed the boys the opera hall where our ceremony was held,  had a spontaneous vow renewal, enjoyed a fancy dinner and show.  Really lovely.  And, then, you... Read more »

Thank You, HONY!

Brandon Stanton is a stranger to me, but should I ever be lucky enough to meet this man, I would have met an honest to goodness hero with a heart of gold.  Those are all ridiculous cliches of course, and yet, where Brandon is concerned, they are simply descriptors. He is the young man behind... Read more »

The Dao of Da: "Every Day Over 50 Is Gravy"

This is the first in an occasional series where I will try and capture ten of the life lessons my Dad (Da to his grandchildren) taught me through the years, the goal being to preserve them for his children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.  Lesson 1:  “Every day over 50 is gravy.”   I first heard... Read more »

How My Mother Made Me a Mom

I was not that little girl growing up that knew she always wanted to be a mother.  I rarely played with baby dolls and never had interest in babysitting as I got older.  Raising children just didn’t seem to be my calling.  And that was okay with me. Even when I married at age 30,... Read more »

Whose Lap Is This, Anyway? Some Thoughts on Motherhood

My youngest is an inordinately active two-year-old.  He and I were cuddling in bed the mother morning.  “Cuddling” is actually a misleading description.  Mary Tyler Toddler is not much of a cuddler.  He’s more of a rough and tumble kind of guy.  He cuddles, sure, but quickly.  He’s like a drive-by cuddler.  He loves to... Read more »