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Me and My Elmo Feet

At 46, I should be beyond having an identify crisis, right?  I mean, come on, that stage of life should have been put to rest along with my Bonne Bell flavored lip glosses and Jean Nate bath spray.  Having an identity crisis is so 20th century.  Now that I am a modern 21st century woman,... Read more »

Some Thoughts About Clickbaiting

“Clickbaiting” is a verb, right?  This week, for the first time in the history of my blog, I used some hardcore clickbait for attention writing a post I titled, “Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Hate Kids with Cancer?”  For those of you who are in the dark, clickbait is defined as, “(on the Internet) content, especially... Read more »

Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Hate Kids with Cancer?

You may consider this blog post click bait, and, let me tell you, you wouldn’t be wrong.  I am desperate at this point, and not beyond employing a little click bait. Do I really think Mark Zuckerberg hates kids with cancer?  No, probably not.  I mean, he’d have to be some sort of a monster,... Read more »

Old Furniture

My home is full of old furniture.  I sleep on the futon my husband had when we met; the same pine futon base he used as a bachelor.  My family eats meals off an old green enamel table from the 1920s that my Dad found in the basement of a house he was flipping in... Read more »