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We Teach Our Kids Not to Act Like Donald Trump, and Yet He May Be Our Next President

I generally work to keep this blog politics free.  Occasionally I write about silly things politicians say, but those posts can be counted on two or three fingers in five years of content. And, sure, I write about gun violence regularly, but to me that is a public health issue and we should work to... Read more »

Telephone Calls and Address Books

I just got off an unexpected phone call.  (Sheesh.  Millenials won’t even know what that sentence means.  Anyways.)  One of my Mom’s dear friends, a neighbor from across the street when I was a child, called to wish my family a Happy New Year.  Mrs. E. was a dear woman in 1975, so it stands... Read more »

In Case of Emergency

I’m taking a break.  No one I love is allowed to need me in any extraordinary capacity for the undefinable future.  No sickness.  No breaks. No demanding needs.  No crisis allowed.  Like I said, I’m taking a break. For long (or short, depending on how you look at it) swaths of my life, I have... Read more »