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Being a Real Mom

Earlier today a stranger on Facebook accused me of not being my youngest son’s “real” mom, my youngest son being adopted.  I deleted the post immediately.  I didn’t engage the stranger, didn’t argue the point, and won’t tolerate that nonsense. I’ve been exposed to Internet hate before.  It’s anonymous and angry and the rule is... Read more »

Breasts, Bottles, Babies, and the Internet: A Cautionary Tale

I was a formula fed baby.  My Mom also smoked throughout all four of her pregnancies. Somehow, she was not demonized for these sins of motherhood while her kids were in utero.  These days, other mothers on the Internet will cut a bitch for the choices she makes. Motherhood for me started ten years ago.... Read more »

A Tale of Two Chicagos

NOTE:  This blog post was honored with the Peter Lisagor Award for Best Individual Blog Post, Independent 2015 by the Chicago Headline Club and the Society of Professional Journalists.   One of my potent memories of childhood is packing into whatever used Cadillac my Dad was driving at the time for a weekend day trip,... Read more »

When Family Trees Get Complicated

Out of the blue this morning, on the way to day camp, Mary Tyler Son said, “It’s great that Mary Tyler Toddler (I assure you he does not call his brother this in real life) is the fifth member of our modern family tree.” “How sweet,” I thought, “This guy is thinking of both his... Read more »