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How Facebook Came to be the Most Depressing Place on Earth

I’m not quite sure exactly what happened, when the tipping point was, but Facebook is really starting to harsh my mellow these days.  It is depressing as hell over there. Between dentists decapitating lions, black motorists dying after traffic stops, and political hijinks, I’ve about had it. The thing is, none of these things are... Read more »

When a Cake Is More Than a Cake

This post is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly “Blogapalooza” hour wherein bloggers are given a prompt at 9:00 pm and required to post their words by 10:00 pm.  Here is this month’s prompt: “Write about a time you lost your temper or somebody lost their temper at you.” I have been feeling bereft lately.  For days,... Read more »

45 Minutes

Time is a subjective thing.  For some, 45 minutes is a lifetime.  For others, 45 minutes is a blip, little more than a blink.  45 minutes in a dentist’s chair is absolutely different than 45 minutes at a party. And 45 minutes in a car on the way there definitely feels longer than the 45... Read more »

Taylor Swift and Other What Ifs

What if my daughter Donna had survived her cancer? I don’t ask this question often, but at birthdays, when the days are long and the calendar turns to July, I can’t help but think about the what ifs. This year they are consuming. This year, on Monday, actually, Donna would turn ten. What if Donna... Read more »

Dividing Dad

I am the youngest of four siblings.  The baby. Three girls and a boy.  I have never written too much at all about family dynamics because it’s not solely my story to tell. As with any family, there are many stories to tell, but I don’t have exclusive ownership of them, so I simply don’t... Read more »