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Who Are Your Anchors?

When times are rough and the Universe keeps beating you or the people you love up, I have learned to reach out for my anchors.  My anchors are those folks in my life that ground me, love me, comfort me, support me, cheer me — the ones that don’t go away. They are rooted and... Read more »

Aging Parents: Growing Older, Growing Invisible

Today I reached max capacity.  After over three months of my Dad being in some or other sort of medical crisis, I wept on the kitchen floor, no longer able to hold it in, as my two sons played and laughed right beside me, looking at me like I was some sort of zoo exhibit,... Read more »

What Happened to My Childhood?

I have a love/hate relationship with “Throwback Thursdays” on Facebook.  I love seeing them, I hate that I have none to share.  For a host of reasons, I have, um, approximately 10-12 photos of myself as a child.  That’s from infancy to early teen years, folks.  I am like a ghost, or a cool super... Read more »

First Kisses

There are only so many first kisses that a long term married person enjoys in their life. I got one a few weeks ago.  I had been waiting for it, anticipating what it might be like. Often, the anticipation of a thing can make the actual thing feel less than your hopes had built it... Read more »

Vaccinations and Fear

So much of our parenting these days is influenced by fear.  There are warning labels everywhere — on our bouncy seats, our cribs, our toys, serving as a constant reminder of the dangers our children face just getting through their days.  It is exhausting, this fear. As a measles outbreak takes hold in America, every... Read more »

Aging Parents: The Letting Go

This is the second in an occasional series I will be working on called, Aging Parents.  This is where my head and heart are at right now, as my family works to help my Dad cope with his own aging.  There will come a time, if we live long enough, that we will have to... Read more »