Childhood Cancer Stories: The 2015 September Series

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Each day I will feature a different guest blogger who will generously share their personal experience with childhood cancer. Stories are always more potent than statistics. The hope is that by learning about children with cancer, readers will be more invested in turning their awareness into action. The 2013 September Series | The 2014 September Series

Sept. 1: Theo's Story: After the Storm
Sept. 2: Sam's Story: The Guilty Milestones
Sept. 3: Aurora’s Story: Buddha Belly and a Mother’s Intuition
Sept. 4: Ava’s Story: Cancer Through the Eyes of a Six Year Old
Sept. 5: Travis’ Story: I Have a Destiny
Sept. 6: Oscar’s Story: Mom, Don’t Worry! It’s Not Cancer!
Sept. 7: Karma’s Story: Any Other Normal Day
Sept. 8: The Brothers’ Story: You Can Do Nothing
Sept. 9: Kyler’s Story: An Empty House
Sept. 10: Lucy’s Story: The Last First Day
Sept. 11: Chase’s Story: Joining the Ranks
Sept. 12: Abby’s Story: Trying to Make Things Normal
Sept. 13: Matthew’s (Mom’s) Story: The Nurses Were There
Sept. 14: Connor’s Story: Moments
Sept. 15: Jack's Story: A Letter to My Brother
Sept. 16: Robin's Story: What Is the Cancer Mom's Club Like for a Dad?
Sept. 17: Mighty Mikey's Story: The Blink of an Eye
Sept. 18: Peyton's Story: The Definition of Hope
Sept. 19: Benjamin's Story: Certain Moments
Sept. 20: Maggie's Story: In Sickness and In Death
Sept. 21: Cole's Story: God Knows My Future
Sept. 22: Maya's Story: 'The Girl With Cancer' Moves Forward
Sept. 23: Collin’s and Patrick’s Story: Don’t Turn Away
Sept. 24: Matthew’s Story: The Hat
Sept. 25: Mia’s Story: Beauty and Cancer
Sept. 26: Kaden’s Story: He Was Welcomed
Sept. 27: Kellen’s Story: In God We Trust
Sept. 28: Amy’s Story: What September Brings
Sept. 29: Jacob’s Story: A Part of Me In The Winds
Sept. 30: Sheila’s Story: A Love Letter to My Daughter’s Oncologist