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When Perfect Isn't Possible

This post is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly “Blogapalooza” challenge where bloggers are given a prompt at 9 PM and one hour to complete a post on the topic.  Tonight’s challenge was, “Write what your perfect day would be like, either in reality or fantasy.”   Well, the clock is telling me that it is already... Read more »

Lucy, No Longer in Pain

Today’s post is from a fellow Cancer Mom whose daughter died last month. Her daughter’s story was sent to me with the hopes that others would read it, that more people would come to know her daughter and the bravery and fear and loss that come out of pediatric cancer.   By Vashni Nilon It... Read more »

Falling Leaves: Remembering Donna

October 19 will mark five years since the death of my daughter, Donna. The weather this week has been gray and dreary, mirroring my mood.  Me and the skies are weeping and wallowing together, keeping company with one another.  I am sharing the words I wrote the day after burying Donna in 2009.  The leaves... Read more »

Leave Amanda Bynes Alone

Amanda Bynes has a mental illness, there is no question about that.  She is in pain, clearly, and living through some fairly confusing times for her brain. I know this, somehow, not because I am seeking this information out, but because it keeps flashing all over my social media feeds. This morning I got sucked... Read more »

Dying with Dignity: How Brittany Maynard is Changing the Conversation about Elective Death in America

Brittany Maynard will die November 1, 2014.  She knows this because she chose that date carefully and consciously.  She will take her own life despite being able to say, “There is not a cell in my body that is suicidal or that wants to die,” during a recent interview with People Magazine. Ms. Maynard was... Read more »

Hot Doug Before He Was Hot

For anyone living in or around Chicago and not under a rock, it’s hard to escape the fact that the most famous hot dog stand in America, Hot Doug’s, is closing today.  BOOM.  Just like that, Doug Sohn is walking away from a sure thing.  He is the Michael Jordan of purveyors of encased meat,... Read more »

The Writer Who Doesn't Read

This post is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly Blogapooloza Hour where a writing prompt is given at 9PM and bloggers have one hour to complete a post.  This month’s prompt is:  “Write about something in your life you’ve given up, but that you wish you still did.” I used to be a reader, but now I’m... Read more »

Modern Day MS: A New Resource for the MS Community

I would be hard pressed to find another person more excited than myself to use a blog platform for a health awareness campaign.  Today, that person just might be my blogging friend, Beth, who writes at Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom. Beth is awesome.  A calm island in a sea of blogging chaos.... Read more »