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The NRA's Mom Problem

As a mom who has written about gun legislation and senseless gun violence for almost two years now, I’ve learned a few things about the Internet, human nature, American culture, gun advocates, the NRA, and myself.  I came to write about guns after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December... Read more »

2014 Emmy Fashion Commentary from a Middle Aged Mom

Kerry Washington tirumphantly returns to her rightful title as a red carpet knock out in this Prada dress.  Having been really unimpressed with her previous season's dress picks -- kind of ultra safe and conservative to accompany her baby bump -- with baby out, Washington is free to return to her edgy, crisp, modern hits.  This orange and black somehow works without feeling Halloweenish and the hair and makeup add to the modern tone.  Well done!  Looks like Ms. Washington found a fixer for her own bad self.
Hey-O!  It’s that time of year again!  Award season has officially begun with last night’s Emmy presentation.  Sigh.  With back to school and baby’s first birthday and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, well, I was caught off guard, which is the THIRD AWARD SHOW IN A ROW I MISSED. Nothing screams overtired middle aged mom to... Read more »

A Letter to My Babysitters As They Leave for College

My family has been blessed with two pretty amazing babysitters for the past four years — identical twins.  We found their advertisement on the window of our local hardware store, which happens to be on a major Chicago street.  It was scary as hell to call a number from an ad.  Turns out, it was... Read more »

Having a Healthy Child

A few weeks ago I sat down to fill out some forms for Mary Tyler Son to attend a local park district’s summer camp program.  As I was reviewing them and signing and marking off boxes, it hit me.  It hit me hard.   I have a healthy child.   A healthy child is not something... Read more »

Kids and Wakes and Dealing with Death and Grief

Sooner or later, all children will learn about death.  Through the death of a grandparent, a beloved pet, maybe even a bug splatting on the windshield.  For me, I see death everywhere.  That may sound morbid, but it doesn’t feel morbid.  It feels more like life to me. In our home, death is part of... Read more »

How United Airlines Lost My Family's Business

Author’s Note:  I have never used this blog platform to complain about a consumer experience I have had.  Please know this is not an axe job on United, just a frustrated and worn customer who has had enough.  It’s never easy to travel these days.  Add two children to the mix and it’s a wee... Read more »