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American Ninja Warrior Is My Five Year Old's Favorite Show and Why That's Okay

ISHKABIBBLE!  ISHKABIBBLE!  ISHKABIBBLE! My five year old running down the hall outside my bedroom and loudly yelling nonsense words are how I wake up a lot of these summer days. Our family discovered American Ninja Warrior on a fluke a few month’s ago.  At first, it was honestly comedy for us.  After the baby went... Read more »

Michelle Obama on Work-Life Balance and Family Needs

It’s probably no surprise to the folks who read me regularly that I am a fan of our First Lady.  Michelle Obama, who took flak for calling herself America’s Mom-in-Chief several years ago, is a woman and mother I admire and respect in many ways.  Gal’s got it going on, you know what I mean?... Read more »

Go To the Joy

For Judith A few months after our daughter died I spoke with a family friend who gave me some of the most profound advice of my life.  “Go to the joy,” she said, “Go to the joy.”  Four itty bitty little words that hold profound wisdom. This friend, too, had experienced great loss.  I know... Read more »

Cupcakes and Guns

I am both honored and saddened to share this guest post today. The writer did not wish to be identified, to lessen any alarm for family and friends concerned over her safety.  This is Chicago, folks, in 2014.   By Anonymous The only crime scene I expect to see when I take my son to... Read more »

Chocolate Cake With Numb Frosting, Please

Sunday, July 20 marks my daughter’s would be 9th birthday.  Those days are hard on me — those phantom birthdays of Donna’s.  Given my druthers, I would curl up in a wee little ball in a dark room and not show myself until the morning of July 21.  I always breathe easier the day after... Read more »

Magritte and My Husband

When I was 26, I flew across the ocean to visit the young man I had started dating just six weeks before he moved to Europe to work in a small theater as a barkeep and fill-in performer.  He was dreamy and living in a garret apartment in Amsterdam, so OF COURSE I FLEW ACROSS... Read more »

Why I Love the Fourth of July

Friday marks one of my very favorite holidays — America’s birthday.  I love birthdays.  I also happen to love parades, fireworks, and the occasional hot dog, albeit Hebrew National.  America is my home, a country I live in because my grandparents left their homes in Ireland and Croatia to seek something different, and they hoped,... Read more »