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Adoption and Surrogacy and IVF, Oh My!

Seven months into Donna’s cancer treatment, we learned that the docs were recommending a stem cell transplant for her.  The toxicity of the chemo required to kill off her immune system was so potent that the transplant team informed us that Donna, just three years old at the time, would never be able to bear... Read more »

House of Cards

So much of parenthood is about the “teachable moment.”  My guess is you know what I mean, even if you haven’t heard the phrase before. eachable moments are those spontaneous moments in our day that demonstrate the opportunity to share life’s lessons with our children in accessible ways they will easily understand.  I think I... Read more »

T-Shirts by Donna to Help Kids With Cancer

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!  I am thrilled to introduce the newest campaign by my friends at Paper Clouds Apparel — art work featured by Donna.  50% of the proceeds for all shirts and accessories sold between now and June 29, 2014 will be donated to the Donna’s Good Things Campaign with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which,... Read more »

Another Gun Post

When I was asked to use my voice and blog platform this week to address a letter to Congress about solving our gun problems here in America, I’m not gonna lie, there may have been an eye roll.  Or two.  Or twenty. Asking Congress to do anything these days, from my humble voting point of... Read more »

Children's Book Review: The Day the Crayons Quit

I love this book.  Seriously.  We’re at the stage where I thought we would be out of the picture book arena for a while, as Mary Tyler Son has moved on to chapter books and Lego guides almost exclusively.  I’ve missed them, honestly, as the picture books in our home library gather dust while they... Read more »

Little Kids and Their Great Big Enormous Feelings

Next week, Mary Tyler Son will wrap up two years at the beloved school both he and Donna attended.  Come fall, he will step into the much larger Chicago Public School system.  I have many, many feelings about this. Many feelings . . .  Turns out, though, that five year old Mary Tyler Son does,... Read more »

Target Corporation Needs to Demonstrate Better Gun Sense

Not less than eight hours ago I was fielding compliments from the moms on the playground about my new super cool Target summer sandals. Right now, I am sitting at my keyboard in a pair of Target brand pajama pants.  Before I go to bed, I will wash my face and brush my teeth with... Read more »

Hot Dogs for Dinner

Something I call “The Plague” has taken hold of our home the past nine days.  It involved poop soup and vomit and fevers and aches and pains and lots and lots of laundry and Lysol.  Fingers crossed and knock on wood, the worst of it is over.  And fingers crossed and knock on wood, the... Read more »